We understand that sometimes a Personal Trainer is out of your price range, or perhaps you're a pro who doesn't think they need one

(you do by the way)

So we will be adding more options gradually for you to subscribe to 

and get the progress you want with plenty of variety.


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Premium Subscription

Access to 14 full workout programmes and video demo's on our app.

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When new programmes are added, they are automatically open to you.

£140 Monthly


          This is a major challenge for all you gym bunnies.
It's a 12-week programme that will only be available to you for 20 weeks. Yep, 20 weeks.
So there's the incentive to complete it. It's a challenge designed to make you work hard but gain the changes. 
If we designed this for you as a PT programme, it would cost you over £270!!
As with all our programmes, you will have everything you need on the app, and the video demos will show you visually along with the written instructions for each exercise. The weight you will have to be honest about with yourself and make sure you are pushing yourself forward. 
But remember 20 weeks access and no refunds. You buy, you commit to your own advancement.
This is non-negotiable. I reiterate...NO REFUNDS!!!