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What do my clients have to say about their progress.

Working with Tyhe helped me get back in shape and regain my strength, within the first 4 to 6 weeks. More importantly for me, he's been supportive and attentive as I work through deep seated issues around the gym and showing up. If you've been putting off caring about your body, engage with Tyhe.

Jon - 43yo

I have always been active in the past and really enjoyed most form of sport and exercise, however have always struggled with gym routines and any strength training I have undertaken. I decided to try a PT in my attempt to get into shape for my upcoming wedding and approached Tyhe after reading his biography online. In the short time I have been working with Tyhe he has totally transformed my experience of the gym, making the routines easy to follow, fun and varied. I feel like I am making really progress with him and am now very likely to keep strength training as part of my life in the future.

Nick Dawson

Tyhe is a great PT, really spends the time to understand your goals and aspirations, whilst putting you at ease and ensuring you get the most of your sessions and workouts with him. Tyhe is very knowledgable and has made the gym an integral and enjoyable part of my busy lifestyle, which I can honestly say I wouldn’t have been able to do without him!!

Tim Shaw

Tyhe has really helped me to achieve my fitness goals. I have been training with him for around 3 months and I’m really enjoying my journey and seeing progress.

He has not only helped me lose weight but also better my fitness and strength and he always pushes me to do better. 
I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to start their fitness journey! 

Lydia Perez

I decided to use a personal trainer as I wanted to make sure that I was utilising my time in the gym and using proper techniques for various exercises that did not put pressure on my joints (old knee and back condition). Tyhe was great right from the first meeting, he took his time to find out what I wanted to gain from the sessions and provided me with an exercise programme that was and is unique to my needs. He definitely knows his field and I trust him completely. I thoroughly enjoyed each of our sessions. If you want honesty and someone who will push you out of your comfort zone then I highly recommend him to help you achieve your fitness goals.  


Emma Montero


Tyhe’s fitness training is amazing. In 12 weeks he has transformed my muscle tone and body shape. I haven't really needed to go to the gym at all

(what a relief !)
His knowledge and understanding of fitness, diet, the human muscle, and the mind are incredible!
He is able to help and advise in every aspect of health and fitness training Giving an impeccable professional standard to your well-being. He has taken my health and fitness training to another level. A true professional!  Maxin Porcaro


If you want to train with someone, who can motivate and help achieve your fitness goals quickly, I would definitely recommend Tyhe because firstly, he talked me through the whole personalised workout programme for me to achieve my own fitness goals. Secondly, he taught me the correct techniques and the form whilst training with him, and finally, he helped push me to the limits to get the most out of every workout, so if you are looking to transform yourself both physically and mentally, I suggest you train with MBC4fitness (Tyhe).


Giriraj Kankatharan


I decided to try a personal trainer as I’m hypermobile, and I needed to try and build up some muscle to support my loose joints. I’d never really been to the gym before, so I wanted to start with a personal trainer so that I could learn how the proper techniques for various exercises so that I didn’t inadvertently do any damage. Tyhe was so helpful right from the get-go, constantly analysing every movement I did to make sure that I wasn’t putting undue pressure on my joints and educating me on the proper form for each exercise. I felt completely safe when trying new things, and as a result, got to try exercises I wouldn’t have attempted on my own. He’s definitely a motivator, and I thoroughly enjoyed each of our sessions.  


Louise Wood


I joined the gym without any intention of getting a personal trainer but because DW Fitness gym allocates a personal trainer to take you through on your first day (with your guest pass) I was fortunate enough to get Tyhe and we hit it off straight away because of his professionalism and his ability to bring out the best in you. (And he is so funny!) He listened to what my goal was, designed a program for this, and then drove and encouraged me to do stuff I wouldn't have been able to do on my own.
I am not one of those people who love or enjoy going to the gym but I look forward to each training day with Tyhe. He makes me laugh and makes working out enjoyable. And if you know me you will know that says a whole lot.
Thanks Tyhe for all your help and support. I feel better every day and get compliments every time on how better I look these days.  


Odun Etuokwu


Great PT with large knowledge, interesting/challenging exercises- you will never get bored. Great communication. Mateusz Sokołowski

When I first started the gym I didn't know what I was doing but Tyhe guided me and now I can comfortably walk into the gym knowing what I need to do. He's helping me to reach my body goals through proper diet and exercise. He's always there when I need advice and always makes time for me when I have a question. The weekly sessions with Tyhe are essential as they keep me on track and I have enjoyed seeing the positive progress in terms of my strength and fitness I'm planning to continue the programme with Tyhe and I'm excited to see my overall health improve. Thank you Tyhe! Erika Subaciute


I met Tyhe not long ago and had the pleasure of learning a lot from him in the field of fitness. Enormous professionalism and a huge amount of knowledge, which is very motivating and helps to believe in yourself. Professional at the highest level, at the same time very friendly and enjoying the successes of others. I recommend it with all my heart to everyone.  Mycha Mycha

Starting as someone who didn’t have a lot of confidence in the gym, Tyhe was extremely supportive in terms of my fitness journey. Tyhe asked what my goals were and with this in mind, worked to create a tailor-made fitness plan that would help me achieve my goals.
During personal training sessions, Tyhe is extremely motivating and encouraging. Tyhe makes sure you get stronger and see progress consistently. I have seen myself getting stronger each day that I am in the gym and now look forward to each workout, which is something I never thought would happen!
I am really enjoying my personal training sessions and workouts in the gym and cannot wait to see where my fitness journey will take me within the next couple of months. Thank you Tyhe!! Caoimhe Feehan

Tyhe is very friendly and motivating - he pushes you without damaging your self-esteem! He’s also flexible about fitting sessions around other commitments. Definitely recommended! Kate Lomas

My training journey with Tyhe has recently begun but it’s off to an incredible start. Emerging from lockdown I was looking to affect some personal change and Tyhe has been central in that journey.
Straight off the bat, we clicked and I genuinely believe he understands what motivates me and how to get the very best out of me. Tyhe sets realistic but challenging goals which are pushing me to achieve and the results are already visible. He has a way of getting inside your head which makes training with him feel instinctive, addictive, and an absolute pleasure.
His knowledge and expertise are self-evident and he continually switches things up. Nothing about working with him feels routine or pedestrian. His plans are well structured, varied, and challenging and he’s tapped into energy levels I’d forgotten I had.
As well as being an awesome PT he’s an all-around great guy and the way he works is holistic and importantly, fantastic fun. I look forward to my sessions with him in a way I never have, as much for his insight and wisdom as for the visible results. I would not hesitate in recommending him. Thank you Tyhe. Leigh Calder

I engaged Tyhe to have at-home workouts during lockdown over a video call, and he was absolutely great! He adjusted exercises to the equipment I had available and scaled up the workouts over the weeks so I was constantly being pushed out of my comfort zone. I could both see and feel the improvements already after 2-3 weeks with him. Highly recommend! Janne Smith

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