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A Personal Trainer working with science

My journey & philosophy


Diversity Training is exactly what it says. I aim to truly find the right fit for you. Making every part of your programme specific to you. Make sure it is working at the optimum for you. I never offer generic options, they're usually the reason people fail. The plan just isn't working. I offer a free initial assessment and calculate your BMI/BMR, you need these to understand your calorie requirements & Starting point. 



 As a personal trainer and fitness coach, Mind-Body Connection is how I help you make your changes. The latest research shows us that mind-muscle connection actually helps progress the changes to your body that you want to make. I have worked in health and well-being for 16 years now, and a lot of that is in substance rehab.


I have helped people reclaim their lives, recondition their bodies, and change their whole way of thinking when it comes to exercise to ensure healthy progress into a new lifestyle. It has been a privilege to work in my areas of expertise.

I want you to be exactly the person you know you are. This kind of work isn't just about lifting weights, or running as fast as you can uphill on a treadmill!


The work is about seeing yourself, and knowing you are the best version of you-you can be.

"Take the first step on a journey that pushes you to the limit"


This is all about determination and vision. Don't let doubt get in your way, we are all capable of achieving our needs. I use NLP with all my clients, and changing your mind, literally, is how you make those changes a reality. Together, we achieve something unique.

You will be sent a link for my mobile app when you sign up.

iPnone & Android 



Build Confidence

A sense of achievement is a very powerful thing! Once you see & feel the changes your making, 

you will find yourself pushing even harder, and realising your capable of anything.

Boost Your Mood

As it says on the page, science discovered a long time ago that there are multiple benefits to exercise. Exercise increases the feel-good chemicals in your brain that affect mood, your feeling of well-being increases, and low mood is replaced by the endorphins that will change your outlook.

Increase Energy Levels

If you work hard, of course you will feel tired but satisfied. Your energy levels will increase however. More alert, determined, and driven. Wake up looking forward to your day, not the end of it!


Got questions?

Just contact me on the email below...

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