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The thing about progress is it’s hard for people a lot of the time. It’s easy to sit up in bed one morning, and hear the words “Today is the first day, I’m fed up with being like this”.

Then we get up and the day takes over, and we get lost in our chaos. It’s this chaos that drags us out of the positivity, and we’re back in yesterday.

Remember, ‘Today is the tomorrow you were standing in yesterday’.

So, how do we change that problem? We change the pathway in the brain that takes us down that road! That’s a physical pathway we create over time as we fall back and live in tomorrow.

It‘s called ‘Neuroplasticity’ and it’s real! When we act on our decisions, and don’t allow ourselves to fall back, we change that pathway, and it becomes the new normal.

Our habits are our lifestyle. You created your current lifestyle by your actions and reactions.

So change is absolutely possible. Not only possible, but reality if you commit to your decisions. Say it out loud to yourself, the brain processes things differently from an external point of view.

A mood board is not a fad, they work for millions of successful people across the world. Make sure you can see it every morning when you wake, and remember why you’ve decided to start your new journey, and it is exactly that. Walk down that new path and see your goal. Imagery is a powerful tool to move you into the right space.

You’ve already done it for years, you’ve just done it without a map.

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