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With everything that's happening in our world right now, it's understandable that people are concerned with spending money on luxuries. But your health isn't a luxury, it's vital for you if you are to have any long-lasting quality of life, including mental health.

How much will you spend this weekend de-stressing with friends over a bottle, or two, of wine? How many pints, spirits etc? I think you get the point....which of course is, you're probably going to spend two or three times a month on alcohol and junk food as you would hiring a trainer.

What's that I hear you say? "Well, he would say that he's a trainer". You'd be right, I'm not selling plumbing. But I'm also in this field because I care about people's health & well-being. I worked in rehab for many years and saw first-hand the changes that a healthy and active lifestyle brings. Genuinely life-changing events, and huge changes in quality of life, and longevity too.

So check your bank account and see how much you spent the last weekend, then multiply it by four. How much have you spent, how much do you think a PT charges?

I'm willing to bet I know the answer...

Health is a lifelong goal, and your body is not getting stronger sitting and simply lifting a glass. Don't let stress fool you into hiding away from your potential.

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